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A Drill Every Shooter Needs To Be Practicing
By James N

A Drill Every Shooter Needs To Be Practicing

shooting drills

Statistically speaking 11.1 million people have concealed carry permits in the United States and the annual number of defensive shootings is roughly 67,740.  This means that less than one percent (.61) of people legally licensed to carry a firearm are involved in a life or death situation where lethal force was warranted. The most important thing to remember is that lethal force should always be a last resort. I’m not sitting here claiming to be your next instructor zero or truexodus but I know a thing or two that can boost your situational awareness and help you be ready when you are called to action.

When training exercise practicality, shooting your 1911 at 150 yards while fun does not prepare you for real world application. Instead focus on drills that enable you to get from concealment to sight picture as quickly as possible; always I repeat always practice good trigger habits. I like to practice with a predetermined number of rounds in the firearm. It helps me to focus on round count and reloads, like I always say if you want to truly train add stress.

Daily mindset should include analyzing each situation, understanding the limitations and tactical advantage of your surroundings, and most importantly knowing that sometimes the only answer is violence. 

Drill: I like to focus on the mental aspects of training, breaking down stress barriers and increasing confidence. Throughout the day I try to focus on objects, make a mental note of the distance and if you have trained enough you should be able to know yes I will make this shot or no I will not. If you use varied distance while training and become effective at shot placement and round count you will build confidence in knowing when SHTF that you are in a position to turn a defensive position into an offensive position. Having a confident understanding of your limitations would allow you to situationally let the assailant enter your most effective zone. 

During this drill you more than likely will not be able to draw your firearm, so as always go to the range, work on distance intervals, add multiple targets, limit round count to force reloads under stress, use a shot timer, and remember safety first. Your firearm is a lethal weapon and cleared or not it should always be treated in a manner that the firearm is loaded. Exercise muzzle safety, trigger safety, and when the time comes keep calm and return fire.

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