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Intruder Alert!
By Sean Serrao

Intruder Alert!

intruder alert

Intruder Alert

Have you ever been asleep and you hear that loose floorboard you have been meaning to fix squeak? Although most of the time it’s the dogs, the kids, or the wife the reality of that situation is that one-day it could be an intruder.


It’s 3 a.m. the whole house is dark, the kids are safely tucked away in their beds, the wife is asleep and something just woke you up. Laying there you hear the distinct sound of a lock turning.  You reach for your firearm and with your adrenaline surging you are ready for action.  Then you hestitate... you’ve been to the range countless times yet your palms are sweaty like its the first day of school and you forgot to put on your pants.  You put the thoughts to the side, rack the slide and then.

Let’s get to the real talk.  Whether you own 100 guns, have a chest rig and tactical boots or serial watch Truexodus videos the real truth is most of us are not operators.  The majority of us have not been in a deadly force situation, deployed from a rigid, or laid in our own filth sitting on a target in Fallujah.   As I always say we can’t be prepared for everything but we CAN be prepared for some things.

The most important thing to remember in a home invasion situation (and possibly the most difficult thing to do) is to remain calm. Calmly and quietly have your significant other call 9-1-1.  If you able to do so safely activate your [silent?] alarm (if it has not already gone off).  Natural instinct is going to tell you to turn the lights on – don’t; keep your tactical advantage. Remember you know the layout of your house - dark or not – and the intruder does not.

Before rushing in have a plan in place.  Remember what’s on the other side of walls; if you start sending rounds towards targets remember that your kids are in the house, your dog, your parents and maybe even your in laws (ehhh). Make it known if the alarm sounds or if a code word is being screamed, get to a respective safe location. This will allow you to go full operator **Insert Expendables Attire**, Remember to only point your firearm at which you intend to destroy and if deadly force is warranted, protect what you treasure.

In another (blog/episode) we’ll try to touch base on how to clear a room, ideal safe zones locations and how to take cover.  We’ll cover the best home defense guns and special proven tactics within the house. Stay tuned every weekday day at 11am EST for these and other need to need to know tips.

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