Appendix Carry Gives Me Stomach Pains...

For many, it’s not uncommon to think “Appendix Carry” means you have to have your appendix removed in order to carry.  The firearm has to go somewhere when you sit and more often then not the firearms digs into the front and side, pinching the skin and digging into the organs.  While Inside-the-WaistBand (IWB) appendix carry is a great option, it is often overlooked because of its wearability (or lack thereof).  That is where the BWB holster comes in...


BWB Holster


A BWB or Below-the-WaistBand holster attempts to fix the issues found with most IWB and OWB holsters and does a really good job at it.  The Urban Carry is a new type of BWB holster that allows for a deep carry concealment with all the pros of a typical IWB without the cons related to wearability - in other words no pinching and no need for new clothes.

BWB allows for quick access, little to no footprint of the firearm in almost any outfit, the ability to easily tuck-in your shirt (for real, no faux tuck), and comfortability for all day long wear even while seated.  Also, because the BWB is a deep concealment appendix carry it is very difficult for an attacker to take your holstered firearm from you during a struggle.

In fact, Urban Carry is seeking Level III retention certification.   We mention it because it’s important to remember that while concealed carrying it is possible to be in a CQB (close combat) situation which may warrant some hand to hand fighting.  While in deep concealment your firearm is securely out the assailants reach which could be a tactical advantage until lethal force is warranted where you are in control if escilation is needed..   
While we think its a near perfect design of carry we’d be amiss if we didn’t talk about some of the drawbacks of an BWB.   Some cons to think about are two handed draw as is required with any IWB holster rig (although the Urban Carry can be accessed with one hand by simply reaching into the holster to secure the firearm should the need arise).

Drawing while seated is another drawback of any BWB holster and often requires the "lean back” approach.  In testing we did find the firearm could still be accessed even with a seatbelt on with some effort and practice.  In a seated draw the firearm is below the waistline so if you are seated at a ninety-degree angle you'll typically need to arch your back to lessen the angle and draw the firearm.

It's a little like getting your phone out of your pocket while you're in the car.  You are still able to get to your firearm while seated, it's just not as quick.  There is generally a trade-off between styles of holsters, and that is the one for a BWB.  
The BWB carry provides a superior level of concealment, is comfortable for all day wear with any outfit and is an excellent option for daily concealed carry.  And most importantly you don’t need to give up a wardrobe, or an internal organ, to wear it.    
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Always remember, “Keep Calm and Return Fire”