Let Urban Carry Help Increase Your Sales

Incorporating the tactics and strategies we’ve laid out in previous articles can increase profits for your business and establish you as the leading firearms authority in your community. In addition to those suggestions, adding Urban Carry products to your shelves can also help increase your sales. 

The Urban Carry G3 holster offers many benefits to our dealers. One of those is that there are only a few SKUs to keep track of, yet those products are compatible with hundreds of different guns. The G3 is size specific, not gun specific, and on top of that it’s ambidextrous and works with a variety of clothing options. Owners of the G3 love the fact that they no longer have to dress around their holster, and that one holster can accommodate multiple firearms.

Being able to carry the same way every day, regardless of season or activity, makes the G3 an attractive concealed carry option for a wide range of people. Those new to concealed carry or people who need to carry very discreetly, including working professionals such as doctors, lawyers and real estate agents, as well as those employed in jobs that require a lot of movement, such as construction.

The unique design and excellent concealment of the G3 holster makes it eye-catching, especially when you use our demo video loop, which you can watch and download here. In addition to the visual appeal, the G3 also comes in attractive packaging, making it a suitable product for any part of the store. We also offer free training for you and your staff, so you know how to best sell the G3, and you can view that training here.

The G3 holster is made right here in America, with high-quality saddle grade leather, and each G2 goes through a rigorous quality control checklist to make sure it’s ready for concealed carry the day a customer buys it. If you choose to add Urban Carry to your business today, you’ll receive our “Starter Package,” a great option for those shops wanting to add a high quality brand to their inventory.

Here’s how the Starter Package works:


Purchase any 20 Urban Carry G3 holsters and you’ll receive:

  • 2 large Urban Carry banners to display in your store or on your range
  • 20 Gun Mats that make great add-ons to purchases
  • 1 Heavy-Duty Urban Carry gun belt, any size to sell or test
  • 500 stickers to give away to customers
  • 3 Urban Carry t-shirts that are perfect for a day at the range
  • 1 Urban Carry hat

The Urban Carry line of products adds value to any store or range, and fills a need that many other holsters simply cannot. To become an Urban Carry dealer today, click here.