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Urban Carry custom designed T-Shirt. Printed in the USA we offer a 50/50 Cotton Blend or a Dry Fitting polyester. The Cotton blend is often more familiar but many who use the Dry Fitting style like its wrinkle and sweat resistance.


Urban Carry custom designed T-Shirt. Printed in the USA we offer a 50/50 Cotton Blend or a Dry Fitting polyester. The Cotton blend is often more familiar but many who use the Dry Fitting style like its wrinkle and sweat resistance.

Is the Urban Carry only for skinny People?
Do I have to wear baggy pants?
I wear my pants high up, is that okay?
Will the Urban Carry work left handed?
Can I draw One Handed?
Can I draw while sitting?
My gun is protuding out at the bottom.
My gun is pushing into my stomach.
Can I get the holster without the Logo on the front?
I have trouble drawing, what can I do?
How wide are the belt loops?
How wide is the Urban Carry belt?
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Is the Urban Carry only for skinny people?

No.  Your body type does not make any difference on comfort or your ability to draw.  A little extra love around the waist is not a problem.  What is a problem is form fitting or skinny jeans (which in some peoples opinion most guys shouldn't wear).  If your pants are on really tight it will make it hard to draw and will constrict the holster pushing the firearm up and jamming you in the stomach or side.  If your pants are form fitting they will naturally form around the holster.  One size larger or baggy cloths are not needed, comfortably fitting shorts, jeans or pants are perfectly fine.  Just not tight pants.  



Do I have to wear baggy pants?

Baggy pants usually work well with any IWB but are not required for the Urban Carry.  Comfortable commonly worn jeans or shorts are preferred.  Tight form fitting or skinny jeans will generally be a problem for any IWB and the Urban Carry is not an exception there.  If the jeans are worn tight it will constrict the gun pushing it up and possibly form around the holster as the jeans are ment to do. Most people have found if you shove a giant gun down your pants and there's no room for it the gun will be uncomfortable.  No big surprise there.   Skinny jeans really do not work.  Snug form-fitting jeans are not recommend but okay.  In many cases we do recommend going one size up in the holster and avoid full size guns.  The reason we recommend one size up is because the jeans will usually push the holster in and up a little which brings it closer to the waistline.  Having one size up in the holster will give a little extra slack to accomodate this.  This isn't always required so check the Urban Carry size chart, if there is nothing in the optional column go with that suggested size, if there is a smaller size in the optional column go with the suggested size.  However, if there is a larger size listed in the optional column go with the optional larger size.  Since it is hanging lower than normal you may need to nudge the belt a little to draw like in in the overview video, it is a very simple move but does require a few minutes of practice. 



I wear my pants nearly up to my belly button, is that a problem?

It is not a big problem but you will need to often go up one or two sizes in the holster.  The reason is that we like to have the stock of the firearm right under the waistline.  If your pants are 3 or 4 inches above the waistline then that will put the firearm on the bend point.  You'll find discomfort when wearing it whenever you sit or move around because the firearm will dig.  We avoid this by hanging the firearm below the bend of the waistline.  We apologize but there isn't a formula for this to give an exact option because every body type is different.  Usually one to two sizes up will help the firearm hang low enough but sometimes it's a trial and error and we're working on a formula.  This is a few and far between but understand it is necessary for an atire for many people so contact us if you have any questions.




Can I draw one handed?

Yes, there are a few different ways to draw the Urban Carry.  You can pop it up with one hand and draw like the video below or if you are in a confrontrational situation where needed you can simply reach down and grab the gun as it rest just below the waistline.





Can I draw while sitting? 

Yes.  However, it was not designed around drawing while sitting.  It's about the same speed or action as pulling your phone out of your pocket while your sitting down.  Since the holster is designed to rest below the waistline in order to keep it comfortable that also means it is below the bend of your body.  So if you are at a normal 90 degree angle while sitting it's a good idea to arch your back a little while pulling up on the magnetic flap.   That helps straighten your body out enough to quickly draw the firearm through the waistline.  Most cars are okay for drawing except with bucket seats.  Bucket seats can put your body in more of a 70 degree angle which makes it rather difficult to pull the firearm through that bend.  With practice however drawing from a normal seated position can be done very quickly.  We will post more videos soon some of which are dedicated to showing tips and tricks for this draw.  






Will the Urban Carry work Left Handed?

Yes.  We made the design of the Urban Carry to work with a cross draw, strong draw, left or right handed.  So any of the Urban Carry holstes will work left or right handed.



My Urban Carry is protuding out at the bottom.

This is usually from one of three reasons.  

  1. The leather needs to be broken in which can commonly take a few days of wear for that to happen.  Massage the leater or use any leather oil conditioner to speed up the process.  Once the leather of the holster relaxes the gun will fit in better and rest lower inside the pants.  That will keep the firearm parallel to the leg and away from the belt line. 
  2. The pants worn with the holster are too tight.  If the pants are too tight they will constrict the firearm up and push the stock of the gun up towards the waistline.  If they are at the waistline and under the belt then that will push the stock in and protude the tip of the barrel at the other end out.  If the leather is broken in then other pants may need to be worn or a larger size holster may be required.
  3. The holster size is too small.  If the leather has been broken in and the pants are worn comfortably then it is likely that the stock of the gun is under the belt which will push out the barrel.  The easiest resolution for this is to exchange the holster, but please be aware that it does take a few days to soften up the leather and rule that out.



The stock of my firearm is sticking under my belt and into my stomach sometimes

This is usually from one of the three reasons above titled "My Urban Carry is protuding out at the bottom"



Can I get an Urban Carry holster without the logo on the front?

Yes, we revised all the holsters and removed the logo.  It is now on the back of the holster and not visible to the public.  You can order any of the holsters on the site now and you will recieve the new versions without the logo on the front.  We will update the images soon.



I have trouble drawing the firearm, what can I do?

Usually this is a result of either a very soft belt (like cloth or worn out leather) or the belt is too tight.  Since with the Urban Carry the firearm is ment to hang just below the belt line in order to be comfotable throughout the day sometimes the belt will snag on the draw.  If you are wearing a good stiff gun belt that will usually prevent this from happening as the belt will act as a solid ancor to open up the Urban Carry during retrieval.  The other reason this happens is from wearing the belt tighter than the width of the gun.  The gun needs space to slide out.  Most firearms are between 0.75" - 1.25" in width.  You'll need about that much space to retrive the firearm which is how most people commonly wear their pants.  However we understand not all of us have as round of a backside as we'd prefer and our pants will simply be overcome by gravity without a tight belt.  That's not a problem, you'll just need to assist the opening during the retrieval.  This is a very simple move which is shown in the overview video.  We'll use a right handed person as an example, 1) with your left hand lift the magnetic flap, 2) with your right thumb nudge out the top of the holster that is attached to the belt, 3) with the opening of the holster now larger pull up on the magnetic flap with your left hand 4) There should be enough room for the gun to slide thorugh and retrive with your right hand which is in place to grab the stock of the firearm and draw.

Sometimes pants are worn really tight so it's a good rule of thumb that if you can not shove the holstered gun down your pants then you will natuarlly have difficulties pulling the gun back up.  As much as we want we know the holster will not be for everyone, if you're pants are on really tight then an IWB may not be the best option and you'll possibly have to either losten up the pants or go with an outside holster.



How wide are the belt loops on the Urban Carry?

The belt loops are 1 1/2" wide.  However the leather will soften up after a few days of use and will commonly accommodate a 1 3/4" belt.  Two inch belts are pushing it and depending on the thickenss will need a custom made holster which we can do.  Two inch belts are uncommon but we can make any size hoslter for them, please contact us for further information.



How wide are the Urban Carry Gun belts?

The Urban Carry gun belts are 1 1/2" wide and 1/4" thick.  They are single ply so they will not split as there is no glue or plastic hidden inside; the stitching is just for looks. We chose this thickness and width as it will hold up to a heavy gun but can also fit through any of our Urban Carry holsters and through the beltloops of an overwhelming majority of pants, slacks, jeans and shorts.




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Any other questions please contact us at info@UrbanCarryHolsters.com

Thank you.

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