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Similar to the Urban Carry, the Urban Cache is the "Pocket Behind your Pocket".


Specifically made for your Wallet, Passport and many other items this hidden internal fanny pack is the most secure way to keep your valuables on you at all times in any Urban Environment.


*Note: The Urban Cache has not been tested with firearms and is NOT intended to be used with any guns.




The Urban Cache is specifically designed to hold your most important valuables in an extremely secure way. The genuine leather pouch offers quick access to you, but not anyone else. If someone were to grab the outer magnetic flap and pull the internal pocket would not deploy. While wearing you need to pull the pocket directly up against your body and you will then have access to your valuables such as your wallet, cash, passport and any other important documents you want to have on you in a secure manner. The Urban Cache is 100% proudly Made in America.

Is there a faster way to break-in the leather?

  • Yes, we recommend using Bick 4 leather conditioner, but any leather softener will speed up the process and often soften the pouch up in under 10 minutes.


Can I use the the Urban Cache for my gun instead of an Urban Carry?

  • No, due to safety reasons we do not recommend that because it is unlikely to be able to draw at that angle, the firearm will fall out of place in its pocket, and the trigger will not be covered during the draw.


Can I store my phone in the Cache also?

  • Yes, we have tested the Urban Cache with various phones with screens up to 5.75" and all fit without any issue.
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