Black on Black Garter Holster for Compact Firearms by Can Can Concealment

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Garter Holsters 


Garter Holster Size

Leg Size

Small 17" - 19"
Medium 20" - 22"
Large 23" - 25"
X-Large 26" - 28"

Please note: Take your measurement at the location where the garter
will be worn.  Measurements refer to the bottom of the Garter Holster.


Size Chart Diagram

Size chart

Quick Overview

The Can Can Concealment® Garter Holster with black lace on black elastic is very sleek. Flirty and decidedly feminine, this all Black Holster is a must have for the woman who prefers skirts and dresses. The 5" Military-Grade elastic with Hypoallergenic Non-Slip Tacti-Grip™ keeps your holster in place and your firearm within reach. The Patent Pending tabs for safe, easy, Heads'Up Reholstering™ put confidence in your hands and keeps your eyes on the situation!


  • 5" High Military-Grade elastic holds guns firmly in Place!
  • Hypoallergenic Non-Slip Tacti-Grip keeps holster from slipping!
  • Patent Pending tabs for safe, easy, Heads-Up Re-Holstering
  • Strong rare earth magnets hold weapon firmly in place!
  • 3-row Hook and Eye tape for a perfect fit!
  • Accommodates up to 2 compact firearms and 1 magazine!
  • Proudly hand made in the USA.
  • Draw right or left inside or outside thigh!
  • Lined magazine pocket with decorative laces.
  • Built-in Garter Belt Attachment Loops.
  • Perfect for weapons under 6.5" in total length.

Compression holstering requires a snug fit so be sure to check out our size guide below to determine your size, then select your favorite color and we'll take care of the rest!


Garter Holste Size Chart

Do I have to wear a Garter Belt with the Garter Holster?

Our Garter holsters are a stand alone product and the correct size for your firearm will give it ample support. We do however, recommend wearing a Garter Belt for extra security in the event that you had to run unexpectedly or climb stairs, which changes the shape of your thigh muscle.What do you have to lose? They do make a pretty cute pair!


How do I wash it?

​It's important to care for your concealment wear properly. When washed, dried and stored correctly, your holster will last longer and give more support to both you and your firearms.


Hand Washing
    • Fill a basin with lukewarm water.
    • Add a mild (lanolin free) detergent as directed by the manufacturer.
    • Fasten the hook & eye closure with the holster inside out.
    • Fold the holster and place inside the zipped laundry bag.
    • Wash the garment.
    • Rinse well to remove excess detergent.
    • Pat dry. Never wring or stretch or "pick" at the silicone non-slip grip.
    • Hang or lay flat and let dry completely.


Machine Washing
    • Hook the garment closed.
    • Place the garment with similar colors into your lingerie bag and zip closed.
    • Wash in the machine, using an mild (lanolin free) detergent on the delicate cycle with cold water.
    • When the cycle is finished, remove the garments from the bag and pat dry.
    • Never wring or stretch or "pick" at the silicone non-slip grip.
    • Hang or lay flat and let dry completely.
    • DO NOT machine dry.



Store your clean, dry garment by folding or hanging and placing in a cool, dry location.


Can I make an exchange if I choose the wrong size?

Our sizing guide should be able to help you but we are happy to exchange your undamaged Can Can Concealment brand product with its included accessories and undamaged package within 30 days of shipping. Can Can Concealment brand products must be in unworn and unwashed condition to be eligible for exchange. We do not accept returns beyond 30 days. Please contact Turning Point Distribution, LLC via email at for a short RMA and we will start the process immediately.

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