Beretta 92-A1 Shoulder Holster, Modular REVO

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Specifically made for the Beretta 92-A1 with a 4.9" Barrel Barrel. This is a left or right-handed Leather Shoulder Holster for your semi-auto. Carrying in a shoulder holster helps spread the weight of the firearm and magazine evenly across the body, ensuring comfort for long periods of time. Designed around Comfort, Speed and Adaptability the REVO modular holster system by Urban Carry not only lets you rotate your firearm a full 360 degrees for countless options of comfort and speed, but is also 100% compatible and interchangeable with all REVO “Rigs” and “Shells”. That means more holster options at significantly less cost.
This Shoulder Holster will come with a single capacity magazine pouch to carry 1 extra single or double stack magazine.

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Whether it’s your preferred method for everyday carry, or the one that best suits your situation, a REVO Shoulder Holster can be an ideal carry method for many people. A comfortable way to carry, the shoulder holster can easily be concealed with a shirt or jacket. The REVO Shoulder Holster allows for a great deal of customization, from the fit to the function of the system.

How does the REVO, an Urban Carry Modular Holster System, really benefit you?

Specifically made for the Beretta 92-A1 with a 4.9" Barrel. This is a left or right handed leather Shoulder Holster for your semi-auto. As with all of our REVO rigs, you have the ability to position the firearm at the angle of your choice, helping you achieve the smoothest draw possible. With the REVO shoulder rig, you’ll be able to carry in vertical, horizontal, or any angle in between that works for you. You’ll also be able to attach a REVO Magazine Holster, or an additional firearm with a REVO Shell to your shoulder rig, giving you a totally customized setup for your needs.

With this setup you are receiving:

  1. Urban Carry REVO leather Rig
  2. Urban Carry REVO shell for the Beretta 92-A1.
  3. Urban Carry REVO Dual Magazine Holster for single or double-stack mags.

The firearm shell on this Shoulder Holster will be fitted best for the Beretta 92-A1 to have quick access for your left or right hand to draw while the extra magazines will be quickly accessible by your other hand on the opposite side.

With infinitely adjustable straps, you won’t find a more comfortable shoulder holster system anywhere, and the upgraded alligator clips secure the Shoulder Holster to your pants, keeping it close to your body. The REVO Shoulder Holster is made with premium saddle grade leather for ultimate durability and comfort, and the REVO Shell can be swapped with any of our other Rigs, such as the IWB or OWB Holsters.


Shoulder Rig Features

  • Second REVO attachment for a backup firearm or additional magazine holster
  • Infinite adjustable straps; no more 1” increments – adjust to your ideal position
  • Durable, heavy duty elastic support
  • Upgraded metal alligator clips to clamp to any pants
  • Quick release straps
  • REVO revolution system to rotate the firearm’s Shell any position you want – a full 360 degrees
  • Breathable three-dimensional padding for extra comfort with all day wear
  • Vegetable tanned premium saddle grade leather providing durability and longevity
  • Locking snaps fasteners provide strong grip when needed but release when required
  • The riveted half-moon straps lock the Shell into place
  • Works with left and right handed REVO shells
  • Compatible with all 100+ REVO Shells
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Gun Model 92-A1
Gun Style semi-auto