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It happens every day, thousands of times a week. A veteran, a police officer or a civilian opens a box. They find their freshly American made leather holster. The leather softens after a few days and many of them contact the proud staff at Urban Carry simply to thank them for making Concealed Carry so easy and comfortable.

That's what we believe in, that's what we stand for. At Urban Carry we know if something is uncomfortable or difficult we as humans tend to avoid it. We don't want anyone doing that with their safety. We fundamentally believe that the more honest people willing to take a stand against crime and terror the less it will exist. The greater the shepherds the weaker the wolves. We believe in making ways to keep the citizens of America, and the world, safe by helping you keep your safety something simple and comfortable to achieve.

We make sure everything we do honors that belief. From the quality of materials we use, the unique designs we develop and test, the training we provide, to the amazing staff that answers your questions. Any part of this industry we touch we do what we can to make it even better. This way you, your friends, your loved ones and many others can walk the streets with confidence knowing they are not the sheep, they do not fear the wolf - they are the shepherd.

Total Concealment

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Our holsters are like no other. So much so we have the Granted US and International Patent for them. Here are a few of our favorite items, and an awesom video:



New to Concealed Carry

There are a number of basics and essentials you should know before you start to conceal a firearm around your town.

Proper Firearm Care

We've made a number of videos to properly break down your firearm from quick cleans to full field strips. Here are a few of the most popular. (links to be updated soon)

  • Smith & Wesson Shield
  • Springfield XDs
  • Glock 43
Proper Urban Carry Use

We hear your questions. If we can answer them better with a video we'll make it for you. Here are some of the most popular (links to be updated soon)