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The Unique Design of the Urban Carry is different from common Inside the WaistBand (IWB) Concealed Carry Holsters.  This Deep Concealed Carry Holster, which works as a Right and Left Handed Holster, Secures the firearm Below the WaistBand (BWB) letting the firearm flow Naturally with the body.  This allows the patented design of the Urban Carry to offer an Exclusive Combination of All-Day Comfort and Complete Concealment, all with a Rapid Draw of your Firearm in a Moment's Notice.

Completely Concealed
Comfortable all day long
Quick Access Pull-up Draw

"Finally a Holster I can comfortably wear in my car that completely covers the trigger Guard."
Urban Carry Holster - Black
Jared G.
Function, Comfort and Quality!
"The Urban Carry Holster really fits the bill when it comes to concealment and comfort, great product. Just remember this is a deep concealment holster and will require some practice to be proficient with your draw, also a proper gun belt helps with fit and function."
Urban Cany Holster - Brown
James G.
Best holster I own!
"Absolutely love the deep conceal and quick access. Very comfortable on long road trips and even hiking was no problem."
Urban Carry Holster - Black
Travis C.
Most comfortable holster I have ever worn!
"This is the most comfortable holster I have ever worn, I can wear it all day without any discomfort.  In addition to comfort, the total concealment that was advertised is totally accurate. I have been everywhere with this holster and not once has anyone noticed it. I have been practicing the draw and it is become much smoother. Thank you for this innovation in conceal carry and I have recommended it to all my friends."
Urban Carry Holster - Black
Nicholas C.

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