Range Bags

Urban Carry Holsters brings you an exclusive range of range bags that are crafted from premium, heavy-duty Nylon to provide you the ultimate in durability, stability and weather resistance. These range bags are designed in such a way that they can easily accommodate your firearms including rifles, ARs, shotguns, handguns along with various other accessories including multitool kit, cleaning kit and extra ammunition. With us, you can easily find premium quality pistol cases, rifle cases and shotgun cases that have plenty of storage space for firearms and other accessories.

These duty range bags from Urban Carry Holsters feature cross-stitched carrying handles that are tested to withstand the heavy weight of the stored weapons and the other accessories. Moreover, these bags also have two internal padded pockets and one large compartment along with four exterior compartments. With their rugged and tough construction, our range bags are perfect for a day out at the shooting range.

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