Around Body Holsters

Practical and tactical perfectly describes the Urban Carry Around the Body Holsters. Some may call it a fashion accessory, but our uniquely designed on-body holsters have found a way in to the wardrobe of every woman who is well armed and prepared at all times. With various options to choose from such as hip huggers, corsets gun holsters and sport belts, these bellyband gun holsters work perfectly with the female body and offer the desired protection and security for all sizes and types of handguns.

These handgun holsters are hand-crafted and designed in the USA, taking the suggestions of numerous field experts and keeping the safety of the individual in mind. All the designs of our on-body bellyband holsters come with concealed carry pockets with sought after safety features, including Non-Slip Silicon-Grip Backing and re-holstering tabs. If you’re looking for a classy and sophisticated version of concealed carry, Urban Carry Around the Body Holsters are the perfect pick for you.

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