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A unique hybrid IWB leather holster providing the safety and security of Kydex with the comfort and durability of premium leather.

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LockLeather Compatible Tactical Features

Click Here For a Magnetic Laser / Light Compatible Version of the IWB leather holster.

With our integrated LockLeather™ retention clip the LockLeather™ IWB is the ideal hybrid holster for Concealed Carry.


  • VERSATILE - The cut of this IWB (Inside WaistBand / Inside the Pants) leather holster works great as a concealed carry holster. Holster your firearm at your appendix, before the hip, or after the hip.  You can holster this IWB on your dominate strong side or opposite side for a cross-draw. Right and Left-handed versions available. Strongside or Cross-draw would use your dominate hand version (e.g. if you're right-handed a right-handed version would work for both).  If you want to carry in the small of the back please order the opposite hand version (e.g. if your right-handed order a left-handed version to carry on your back)

  • SECURE - Jump, move around, ride a motorcycle, run, or lean back. The LockLeather retention clip has you covered! No extra moves needed each time to secure your firearm. Simply slide the firearm into the holster to lock, pull to release. A standard Phillips screwdriver can adjust the retention if preferred. Along with the 25,000 pound pressed form-fitted leather this OWB keeps your firearm in place making it perfect for everyday carry.

  • COMFORT - Right away this adaptable leather is comfortable and begins flowing with your body. We also designed this IWB with an extended sweat guard to absorb any pressure from the back of the firearm's slide or hammer keeping it off of your skin as you sit or move around.

    QUALITY - Proudly 100% American Made Premium Saddle Grade Leather. Heavy-duty nylon stitching and reinforced leather accents throughout.

  • DRAW - With a reinforced opening there's no hassle when putting the holster on. The heavy-duty stainless steel clip stays anchored on your belt even with the quick movements of a stressful situation.

  • SAFE - We not only reinforced the opening to make sure the leather doesn't bend when inserting the firearm, we also use thick steer-hide and designed the retention clip to cover a portion of the open area inside the trigger guard for additional safety. Anchored in place by six separate points this holster and retention clip passed multiple fail tests.

  • CONCEALED - Our ultra-thin profile keeps your firearm hugged tight to your body without any unnecessary bulk or visible logos.

  • ACCOMMODATING - Fits any standard belt or heavy-duty gun belt up to 1.5" wide!

  • GUARANTEED - Use it every day. You have a full 10 Year Warranty backed by Urban Carry Holsters!

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