LockLeather Shoulder Holster

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LockLeather® is a unique hybrid that combines the safety and security of Kydex with the comfort and durability of premium leather.  

With padded shoulders, stress-release straps, pivoting back, adjustable cant, and an ultra-slim profile this hybrid is an ideal carry.  The Shoulder rig is ambidextrous and completely modular providing the flexibility of easily changing different holster shells for different firearms or carrying styles.

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At Urban Carry we developed a shoulder holster that adjusts to your body, adjust to your style, and secures your firearm like no other leather holster can. 

With our integrated LockLeather® retention system you get all the comfortable and durable benefits of a leather shoulder holster combined with the safety and security of reliable kydex. 

The LockLeather® shoulder rig is modular and flexible giving you tons of options to carry. If you have multiple firearms one rig works with multiple holsters. 

Shoulder holsters are especially great for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting and when seated in your car it offers superior access to your firearm vs anything on your hip.  The LockLeather shoulder holster offers a better weight-bearing ability by distributing everything evenly across your shoulders commonly making it a more comfortable carry option by reducing any strain on your waist and lower back.

Ordering is simple. Choose the holster for your firearm for your dominant hand.  For your secondary hand, select options to carry another gun, additional magazines, a flashlight, wallet, phone, or nothing at all.  We recommend two magazines as that helps to balance the weight across your body.

The shoulder rig is compatible with all the attachments and everything is ambidextrous making this one of the most versatile shoulder holsters available. 

The belt anchor is optional but recommended as that will keep everything in place while you carry and helps with the draw.

The shoulder rig is not locked into one-inch increments.  It is infinitely adjustable on each strap and pivots at every rivet. This streamlined design also has an additional pressure release under the shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

The Urban Carry Lock Leather shoulder holster removes excess bulk, weight, and restrictiveness from the traditional style shoulder holster.  This reduces the frequent need for repositioning throughout the day by keeping your firearm securely in place.


  • VERSATILE - Every attachment is ambidextrous and modular saving you money.  Multiple holster shells can attach to the same body rig.  You can carry two guns, a gun with extra mags, a flashlight, a wallet, a cell phone, and more.

  • SECURE - Simply Insert to lock, pull to release.  The LockLeather® holster has adjustable retention to ensure the right amount of hold for your firearm.  Along with the 25,000-pound pressed form-fitted leather this shoulder holster keeps your firearm in place making it perfect for everyday carry.  

  • COMFORT - The LockLeather Shoulder Holster was created with a minimalistic approach in mind to reduce any unnecessary bulk without sacrificing any comfort. We designed this shoulder holster with additional padding under the shoulder straps.  Each strap has military spec elastic embedded internally to absorb any pressure and every rivet pivots to easily adjust to your preferred position.

  • QUALITY - Proudly 100% American Made Premium Saddle Grade Leather. 

  • DRAW - Simply pull briskly to release your firearm from the LockLeather retention clip.  Adjust the body rig straps at multiple points and snap the anchor at multiple points to carry your firearm at your ideal height and angle.

  • SAFE - The LockLeather is crafted with thick steer-hide leather and a durable retention clip to keep your firearm safe and secure at all times.

  • CONCEALED - Our ultra-thin profile keeps your firearm hugged tight to your body without any unnecessary bulk.

  • ACCOMMODATING - With our variety of LockLeather shoulder holster shells, this modular system can accommodate over 1,600 different firearms.

  • GUARANTEED - Use it every day. You have a full 10 Year Warranty backed by Urban Carry Holsters!

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