REVO Modular Holster Rigs

IF you find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time, every second matters. And in such a situation, being armed is your strength but only if you have immediate and easy access to your gun. Keeping this in mind, the leather gun holster experts of Urban Carry Holsters designed a unique system of gun holsters, the REVO Modular Holster System that provide you a personalized draw even in the most adverse conditions.

We offer several options of REVO Modular Holster Rigs that includes IWB, OWB, Ankle, Appendix, Drop-Leg and Shoulder. All these modular holsters have the same level of functionality as well as flexibility. You never have to worry about printing or gaining quick access to your firearm. When combined with all the choices, the revolutionary REVO Holster takes up less space without compromising quality, and that’s what Urban Carry Holsters is all about.

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