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UrbanCarry REVO Module Holster System

You bought your gun to fit YOUR hand, and the crucial milliseconds before your weapon is in your hand makes all the difference in an emergency situation.  Having the right holster to bring that weapon to your hand is crucial. 

Now, Urban Carry brings you the REVO, a true REVOlution in the way that you think about your weapon's holster.  The eye-catching style of our pieces reflect a higher level of functionality.  When your tools perform differently, they tend to look differently. 

The REVO has more flexible holster options no matter your preferred method of carry.  REVO offers 360 degrees of rotation ensure that you have a personalized grip waiting for you from the second that you reach for your weapon.  REVO separates your holster "Rig" from your "Shell" so that you can personalize your own comfort and speed level on the draw.  By separating the holster Rig from the Shell you have the freedom to also quickly interchange every Shell with every Rig.

With REVO, you have options for Ankle, Appendix, Drop-Leg, IWB, OWB and Shoulder carry that all provide the same level of flexibility.  Even with all of the choices combined REVO holsters take up less overall space without losing one bit of the high quality that the Urban Carry brand is known for. With exploded rivets, powder coated tuckable stainless steel clips, plush expanded padding, military-spec elastic, and Kydex reinforced saddle grade leather, the REVO has an almost identical thickness to common holster design but the comparisons stop there… REVO provides unparalleled comfort to similar holsters available on the market today. 

The REVO line makes sure that your equipment does not let you down when it counts. You never have to worry about tripping over your holster on the draw because of a loose thread or stretched leather. Confidence is essential when you are in a tense situation with no room for error, but so is function. With REVO, you get both.

Our favorite part, REVO holsters are made 100% in America with pride.

Law Enforcement Duty-Belts

The REVO Duty-Belt System is nearing the end of the testing phase.  If you're interested in the Law Enforcement Duty-Belts please enter your information below so we can let you know when they become available: