G3 Magazine Holster

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Similar to the G3 Gun Holster the G3 Extra Mag carrier is a uniquely designed holster to comfortably conceal carry your extra magazine(s) with nearly any outfit for any situation.

*Note: The brown mag holster may not match the same brown as our G3 gun holster.  Due to government-enforced lockdowns in early-mid 2020 causing supply-chain issues we are having trouble getting our normal brown leather and the two browns might not match.


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The New Urban Carry Extra Magazine Holster is the perfect companion for your Urban Carry Holster. With a heavy-duty belt clip and saddle grade leather, you're always ready with an additional magazine for your firearm.


Will Single Stack Mags work?

• Yes, any standard single stack magazine will fit in the G3 Magazine Holster.

Will Double Stack Mags work?

• Yes, any standard size double-stack magazine will fit as well.

Will Extended Mags work?

• Typically yes up to about 16-22 rounds depending on the caliber.  Any extra extended magazines with 25-30 rounds usually will not fit in the holster.

Will it work with any caliber?

• No. These holsters are designed to support an extra magazine for a handgun, not a rifle.  So any handgun magazine in a standard size caliber such as .22, .380, 9mm, .40, .45 up to a 5.7 round.  Magazines for rounds such as a .223 or a 308 will not fit in this holster.

Does it work the same as the G3 holster?

•Yes, it is the same concept and layout as the G3 gun holster but specifically made for magazines.

How long does the leather take to break in?

• We break in the leather most of the way but it will become more supple over 1-3 days.  Just like many holsters, it takes some getting used for the first couple of days but it's unlikely you'll feel any discomfort.  People have told us many times they generally forget the mag holster is there within the first or second day.

Where should I holster it?

• Wherever you prefer.  We recommend anywhere from the hips forward as it is difficult to deploy smoothly behind the back.  We also recommend holstering it on your weak side.  This way if you are in a situation where you need to change mags you'll have your dominant hand on the firearm and your weaker hand will have quicker access to the extra magazine.

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