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Heavy-Duty 1/4” Thick Bullhide Leather Gun Belts.  

These Single-Layer (not stacked) Belts are great for Concealed Carry or any Heavy-Duty Work.

American Made.  Our belts are measured to the final hole.  Whether you carry an IWB or not we recommend selecting a belt that is your waist size plus 4 inches.

*Note: The brown belt may not be the same shade as the image.  Due to government-enforced lockdowns causing supply-chain issues we are having trouble getting our normal brown leather.  The shade may be slightly different than this image.  Black, Cordovan, and Classic Brown (Tan) are our normal matching supply.

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Proudly made in the USA, our SOLID 1/4 Inch thick English Bridle Leather Belts are hand made to support the weight of any holster and handgun without buckling.   

We Recommend Your Pant's Size Plus 4 inches.

IMPORTANT SIZING INFORMATION:  Our size 40 belt is approximately 46" in total length.  It measures 40" from the third or fourth hole where you would most likely fasten your buckle to the end of the leather on the buckle side of the belt. 

The best way to determine your size is to measure your current belt from the hole you normally use to the end of the belt on the buckle side (not including the buckle itself).  If that measurement is 38", our size 38 belt is the correct belt for you, If it measures 42", our size 42 would be the right fit and so on.     Another quick method to estimate size, if you are unable to get a measurement, is by adding FOUR (4) to your actual pant size. Using our size 40 belt as an example once again: a size 40 belt would accommodate a size 36" waist.  

Not all belts start their holes in the same place so comparing the overall length is not the best measurement to find the most accurate fit.  We hope you will get a great fit on your new Urban Carry Belt but if not, we are happy to exchange for size for a Full 30 Days!  


Is there anything inside the belts?

No.  These are solid leather belts.  Single ply.  Bulls and Cows don’t generally fall apart so there’s no need to worry about these breaking down any time soon.  They will hold up a heavy gun for a long time.  No need for a filler as it is a solid 1/4” thick chunk of leather.


How wide are the belts?

All the Urban Carry belts are 1.5” wide.


Can I change the belt buckle?

Yes, the stainless steel buckle is held in by the leather loop with Chicago screws.  It takes about 30 seconds to customize it however you want.


Why is it stitched?

The stitching is just for looks.  It is a solid piece of leather.  We stitched the edges to dress it up so it can be worn casually or for dress.


What is Cordovan?

Cordovan is a classic looking leather color, it’s a reddish brown.  Sometimes called chestnut we typically say that a black belt goes with black shoes, a brown belt with brown shoes and the cordovan goes with either.


What if I get the wrong size?

No problem, reach out to us and we’ll swap it out for you.


Will the belt fit my belt loops?

With standard belt loops, yes.  Standard belt loops on pants are 1.5" - 2.5" wide. 


Will these belts work with the Urban Carry Holsters?

Absolutely.  In fact we model our loops and clips to work with our gun belts.

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