Gun Mats

Urban Carry Holsters presents the most durable and advanced gun cleaning mats made from a soft polyester top layer and non-slip rubber backing. The perfect size for all handguns, these gun maintenance mats not only offer you the perfect surface to place the small internal parts of a handgun, but also protects the frame and slide from any scratches.

We have designed these gun mats with all of the requirements of gun enthusiasts across America. These mats are the perfect addition to your gun maintenance kit and you can easily use them while working on your prized possessions in the garage, shooting range, workshop or within the comforts of the ol’ man cave. These isn’t your ordinary gun mat! If you’re one of those individuals who simply love their little and not so little babies, the perfectly sized gun cleaning mats are ideal to use while cleaning the guns on the kitchen shelf, workshop table or any other surface that you use while cleaning the guns.

Urban Carry Holsters gun maintenance mats come with a unique absorption layer on the surface which absorbs any lubricant, oil or the cleaning liquid that spills on the mat. The non-slip rubber backing ensures that the mat remains in place while you are working and won’t let any leaks that might damage your kitchen table. And when you are done with cleaning, simply clean the gun mat with mild soap and warm water and let it dry naturally. Now, just roll it up and store it in your range bag for the next time.

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