What if my Pants are too Large?

What if my Pants are too Large?

Baggy pants usually work well with any IWB but are not required for the Urban Carry. Comfortable, commonly worn pants or shorts are preferred. Tight, form fitting pants will generally be a problem for any IWB and the Urban Carry is NOT an exception there.

Fitted or “skinny” jeans will constrict the holster and the firearm inside affecting ease of draw, comfort and concealablility. For these reasons, we DO NOT recommend tightly fitting pants while wearing the Urban Carry. Snug fitting pants are not recommended but will generally work if you go up one holster size and avoid full size guns. By going up one holster size, you create a little extra room for the firearm, compensating for your snug fitting pants pushing it up and out of the bottom of the holster.

Please refer to our sizing guide for the most accurate recommendation based on the type of firearm you wish to holster in the Urban Carry. If there is nothing in the optional column go with that suggested size, if there is a smaller size in the optional column go with the suggested size.

However, if there is a larger size listed in the optional column, go with the optional larger size. Since it is hanging lower than normal you may need to nudge the belt a little to draw as shown in the overview video, it is a very simple move but does require a few minutes of practice.

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