What if I wear my Pants High Up?

What if I wear my Pants High Up?

Ideally, the Urban Carry holster should bend naturally with the body allowing the firearm’s grip to fall just under the bend.  If your pants are three or four inches above your body's waistline, it will put the firearm on or above the bending point on your body. You'll find discomfort when wearing it whenever you sit or move around as the firearm may dig into your stomach or leg.

In the original Urban Carry, we would recommend going up a size or two, trying to get the firearm as close to the natural bend as possible by dropping it slightly lower, while still leaving enough of the handle accessible during retrieval for a quick draw.

In the G2 Urban Carry, we DO NOT recommend going up a size or two.  With the addition of the custom clip, a proper holster fit is integral to a smooth and rapid draw.   If you have a tendency to wear your pants higher, the Original Urban Carry holster may be a great option for you.

We understand that every person is different and factors like the fit of your pants, body type, etc play into the holster sizing equation, but you can buy with confidence knowing we have a comprehensive exchange policy in place.

We welcome the opportunity to help you get the proper fit on the first try though so please contact us if you have any questions.

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