I'm Tall, Can I Still use the Holster?

I'm Tall, Can I Still use the Holster?

Our holster sizes depend on the type of firearm you carry and not on your personal body dimensions.  

A 6'4" 250 pound man and a 5'7" 165 pound woman who both carry a Smith & Wesson Shield will both carry them in the same size holster. The G2 Urban Carry comes in five sizes accommodating thousands of firearms.  

While there is an Urban Carry holster to fit virtually any firearm, it is important to find the right fit for your particular gun.

If the holster is too small, the firearm will rest too near the waistline preventing it from bending naturally with the body.  This may lead to discomfort while sitting and may cause the firearm to protrude outward.  If the holster is too large, not enough of the grip of your firearm is exposed making it difficult to draw.  

With the G2 version there is also the potential that your firearm may get hung up under the clip if it is too small for the selected holster so we strongly recommend checking our sizing chart for G2 or consulting with one of our knowledgeable customer service team members to find just the right fit for your firearm.

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