How to do a Seated Draw

How to do a Seated Draw

Yes, you can do a seated draw with the G2 Holster.  The holster was designed to orientate the gun towards the exit whether you are standing, walking, sitting or if you have been knocked over.

Behind the clip is a metal guide.  This helps to guide the firearm out during the draw.  We sacrificed about 10% of comfort to ensure you always have a clean draw.

Just like the normal draw if your pants are on too tight or if your belt is cinched around your waist it will be difficult to draw, whether you are standing or sitting.

If you are having any trouble while practising the seated draw then it is helpful to lean back and straighten out the leg where the firearm is located.  The G2 is designed to keep your firearm below the bend of your body.  In a normal seated position, your firearm would have to clear a 90-degree angle.  With the built-in guide behind the clip it is very easy to do so, however, if you run into issues straighten out that angle and if you have a little extra love around the waist it would help to suck it during the one second of drawing.

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