Breaking in a Holster with Attached Laser

Breaking in a Holster with Attached Laser

The holster sizes are designed around specific firearms ensuring a proper fit and smooth draw.  Most lasers will work effectively with our Laser version of the Urban Carry holster. When properly fitted in our holster the firearm should sit just below the waistline keeping it comfortable in a relaxed position while still leaving enough of the grip accessible during retrieval for a quick draw. When completely broken in the leather will expand 1/4" - 1/2" in overall size.  

The high-quality saddle grade leather we use for our holsters does require a break-in period. Most customers tell us that after 2-3 days the holster is quite comfortable. Typical break-in periods are 3-5 days of continual use; however, it can take 1-2 weeks for the leather to fully expand and form around the firearm. Once the leather begins to form it will also make for a better, more comfortable fit, provide more coverage (against printing), and a smoother draw. 

We do recommend when you first receive the holster to first break in the holster with the firearm portion only.  Alternatively, we recommend removing the battery from the laser for the first couple of days.  The first few days the leather will be stiff and flat but once the leather begins to break-in and form it will become more supple and manageable allowing it to mold around the firearm and laser providing a well formed fit.


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