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Gun Control Infographic


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There are facts we're not being told on TV about our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms, so I want to talk to you about gun control in America.


Why did all of the big media focus their attention on the attacks in Orlando and completely ignore the fact that the following weekend 52 people were shot in Chicago[1]? Is it mere coincidence that Orlando has very liberal gun laws and received media attention while Chicago, who has the strictest gun control in the nation, received little to none?


Despite our second amendment there seems to be an agenda for even stricter gun control.  Yet this agenda blatantly ignores the simple statistics that the experiment of gun control in other countries is already underway and failing with horrific result.


I carry a gun because there are two types of creatures on this planet – there are predators and prey. 


No one watches a cheetah chase down a gazelle and denies that the gazelle has the right to use its horns to protect itself.  Yet there are people who would deny that same right of self-defense to other human beings.   These same such people seem to think that the way to stop the cheetah is to cut the horns off of the gazelle; that somehow if you make it easier for the predator the predator will simply go away.  It doesn’t work that way.  If you make it easier for the predator you get more predators.


I carry a gun because when predators know they're less likely to have an advantage they're less likely to be a predator.


The FBI found that when states allow concealed carry murder rates are immediately reduced[2].


Cities in America that pass laws requiring households to have a firearm see the number of home invasions drop dramatically[3].


I carry a gun because the ratio a gun is used in a homicide is significantly less than when it’s used in self-defense[4].


Firearms are used up to 300 times more often to save innocent lives than to commit a murder[5].  Guns prevent up to 2.5 million crimes in the U.S. every year often without a shot ever being fired[6].


I carry a gun not because it’s a weapon but because it’s a shield. 


200,000 women every year use a gun to defend themselves against sexual abuse[7].


I carry a gun because almost every mass shooting in the last 50 years took place in a gun free zone[8]. 


Law-abiding citizens are forced to give up their right to protect themselves while every criminal breaks the law including gun-free zone signs when they decide to murder.


I carry a gun because a gun-free zone makes it easier for predators to target their prey.


Stricter gun laws make the problem worse.  Making guns illegal wouldn't remove murder from our cities any more than making heroin illegal stopped addicts from doing drugs[9].


I carry a gun because the facts are nations with strict gun control laws have significantly higher murder rates than those that don’t[10]


I carry a gun because I know in the U.S. (assault) scissors and (assault) knives kill almost 5 times more people every year than rifles do, including the AR-15 and other so called “assault” rifles[11]. 


Calling to ban a tool will not resolve the problem.


I carry a gun because criminals break the law with or without them. 


The 9/11 terrorists used (assault) box cutters and airplanes.  Timothy McVeigh used bags of (assault) fertilizer.  


I understand that some people want to blame things like, semi-automatic rifles, 30-round magazines, hate crimes, terror threats, gun control, historic flags, national security, religion or illegal immigration. 


I understand we want to blame something – anything - we can control but don’t blame me because I use a concealed holster to carry a gun and protect my family.  


I understand we need to start addressing what we really want to ban - violence, murder, and insanity.


I carry a gun because I know who is pushing to ban them. 


Our right to bear arms is not there simply to protect us against lowly criminals.  I understand the politicians know this, which is why they call for gun control instead of crime control.


I carry a gun because I’ve seen gamblers who wanted more winnings; alcoholics who want more alcohol; and people with power want more power.  


I understand what the founding fathers knew about our second amendment that the right to bear arms is in place to protect the American people from those drunk with power.  I understand every country was free, before it wasn’t.


I carry a gun because our 2nd Amendment of having the right to bear arms gives the citizens of this great nationa fighting chance against the predators of greed and power whether in our home, our capital, or our neighboring lands. 


Evil exists only because too many good people stand by and do nothing.


I understand seeing America's right to free speech was a chilling wakeup call when it became locked away in a zone.


That’s why so many steadfast Americans and great organizations stand up for the people to keep the balance of power from tipping over.


I carry a gun because it removes the unfair advantage between predators and prey.


When I carry a gun, I don't do so because I am looking for a fight, but because I'm looking to be left alone.  People can only persuade you to do something by one of two ways, reason or force. Having a gun with me removes the option for someone to make me do something by force.  Carrying a gun helps keep predators civilized.


That's why the right to bear arms is important, that's why I own a firearm and that’s why I am proud to say, I carry a gun.




Based upon Kleck & Gertz estimates of 2.5 million defensive gun uses per year (see source #2). A similar study in 1994 under President Clinton (Source) found this number to be 1.5 million, which would result in guns being used over 47x more often to defend a life than to take one.


According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, about 436,000 crimes were committed with a firearm in 2008 (Source). This would mean guns are used 5.7 or 3.4 times (using Kleck or Clinton respectively) more often to defend against a crime than to commit one.

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