Les Baer SRP 5in. Ankle Holster, Modular REVO

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This is a left or right handed leather Ankle Holster for the LesBaer SRP with a 5" Barrel. Designed around Comfort, Speed and Adaptability, the REVO modular holster system by Urban Carry not only lets you rotate your firearm a full 360 degrees for countless options of comfort and speed, but is also 100% compatible and interchangeable with all REVO “Rigs” and “Shells”.  That means you have more holster options at significantly less cost.

The ankle rig works with all REVO shells, is made from breathable padding for extra comfort and is fitted with mil-spec heavy duty elastic for maximum support. The REVO ankle holster provides exceptional comfort and stability, no matter what situation you’re in.

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How does the REVO, an Urban Carry Modular Holster System, really benefit you?

The patent-pending design ensures a REVOlutionary experience and customized adjustment to you and your LesBaer SRP.  Not a one-size fits all, REVO’s revolution system allows the ability to rotate the LesBaer SRP Shell a full 360 degrees for instinctive extraction and individualized draw for protection when and where it’s needed.  The riveted half-moon straps lock the Shell into place while still allowing the Ankle Holster to be compatible with all (100+) of the REVO shells.

Specifically made for the LesBaer SRP with a 5" Barrel.  This is a left or right handed leather Drop Leg Holster for your semi-auto. Ankle holsters provide a deep concealment option for a primary or back-up weapon. For some people, an ankle holster is the only option. For others, carrying a back-up firearm is the best choice to further protect themselves. The ankle holster has long been known for stability and comfort issues, but we’ve eliminated that with the REVO Ankle Rig for your SRP.

Like all REVO systems, the custom-molded shell allows you to attach your semi-auto securely to the ankle rig, at any angle. This provides you with an individualized setup, ensuring all-day comfort and a smooth draw every time. The Velcro-backed, adjustable elastic allows multiple ankle positions for every body type, and the plush microfiber backing provides unparalleled comfort, in addition to wicking moisture away from you and your semi-auto.

The REVO Ankle Rig can be worn on either leg, on the inside or outside of the ankle, giving you more options. You can also use the same Shell with the REVO Inside the Waistband or Appendix IWB Rigs for a more traditional concealed carry method.


Ankle Rig Features

  • Durable heavy duty elastic support
  • Adjustable elastic with Velcro backing for multiple ankle positions
  • REVO revolution system to rotate the firearm’s Shell any position you want – a full 360 degrees
  • Breathable three-dimensional padding for extra comfort with all day wear
  • Vegetable tanned premium saddle grade leather providing durability and longevity
  • Locking snaps fasteners provide strong grip when needed but release when required
  • The riveted half-moon straps lock the Shell into place
  • Works with left and right handed REVO shells
  • Compatible with all 100+ REVO Shells
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Gun Model SRP
Gun Style semi-auto