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When combined with the REVO shell (sold separately) the IWB rig forms an Inside WaistBand style holster.  As with any REVO Rig it is completely interchangable with all REVO gun and mag shells which can be rotated to your preferred angle for the best draw.

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Covert, rapid access without compromising comfort, the REVO responds when you need it. A common choice among concealed carriers, this Inside Waistband (IWB) secures the firearm tight against your body enabling you to holster your firearm discreetly. Whether in business attire or casual clothing the IWB holster prints less, conceals better and provides a tuckable option superior to that of most holsters options available without sacrificing control or accessibility.     

The patent-pending design ensures a REVOlutionary experience and customized adjustment to you and your firearm.  Not a one-size fits all, REVO’s revolution system allows the ability to rotate the firearm’s Shell a full 360 degrees for instinctive extraction and individualized draw for protection when and where it’s needed.  The riveted half-moon straps lock the Shell into place while still allowing the OWB to be compatible with all (100+) of the REVO shells.   

Handcrafted with the premium saddle-grade leather that Urban Carry is known for each IWB combines a plush yet breathable pad that is designed for every day, all day wear even in the toughest of conditions.  Designed to keep pressure off the stress points while simultaneously providing support the IWB curves with the body for a more comfortable fit.  The built-in padding puts a protective barrier between you and the holster keeping sweat wicked away from you and your firearm – even in the most humid of climates.   


IWB Features 

  • Equipped with adjustable J-Clips that can be angled in a number of combinations for the most comfortable carry position and easiest draw

  • Tuckable.  Fold your shirt over and tuck it behind the logo free clips  

  • REVO revolution system to rotate the firearm’s Shell any position you want – a full 360 degrees

  • Breathable three-dimensional padding for extra comfort with all day wear  

  • Vegetable tanned premium saddle grade leather providing durability and longevity 

  • Locking snaps fasteners provide strong grip when needed but release when required

  • The riveted half-moon straps lock the Shell into place 

  • Works with left and right handed REVO shells  

  • Compatible with all 100+ REVO Shells 

As with any IWB holsters you will need to ensure you have enough room in your waistband to comfortably carry a firearm.  Typically you will want to wear pants that are 1-2 inches larger than your waist to accomidate the firearm.

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