I'm a bigger person, is Appendix Carry right for me?

We often get questions about appendix carry from larger-framed folks who wonder if appendix carry is a good option for them. Fear not – if you don’t have washboard abs, you can still carry (safely and comfortably) in the appendix position.

Some factors that influence appendix carry are body type, clothing type and firearm size. While many people will choose to carry in a traditional appendix holster, like our REVO Appendix Rig, there are some other options that we’ll look at, too.

The biggest complaint with appendix carry is that it’s uncomfortable. When compared to carrying outside the waistband (OWB), appendix carry does present more challenges to staying comfortable, but it’s not impossible to carry comfortably and shouldn’t be a reason for giving up on this carry method.

Appendix carry offers one of the fastest, most efficient draw strokes of any carry method, and often reduces printing because it doesn’t widen the frame of the body. Many women also choose to carry appendix, since it’s one of the easier places to carry with form-fitting clothing.

Deciding whether or not appendix carry is right for you depends on your personal preference, experience and training. You should practice carrying and drawing from an appendix position with the (empty) gun you’ll normally carry with. Then if you decide to move forward with appendix, you can go to the range and practice drawing and firing from that position.


A great holster option for appendix carry is the REVO Appendix Rig. Made from premium saddle-grade leather and plush microfiber, the REVO Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) holster allows for maximum concealment and comfort.

The AIWB Rig allows for three different ride heights, with belt clips that allow for cant angle adjustment. There’s also a sleek slide guard that keeps the firearm off your torso, increasing comfort and preventing sweat, oil and dirt from accumulating on the gun.

The REVO Shell allows for 360 degrees of angles, giving you the perfect fit and draw every time. These shells are formed with over 10 tons of pressure to ensure optimal retention, without the need for a thumb break.

There are hundreds of people, large and small, who carry with the REVO AIWB Holster every day. They love the comfort and efficiency they have with appendix carry, and because the REVO system is modular, they can carry all their guns on one rig.

Learn more about the REVO Appendix Holster.

Urban Carry G2 Holster

An alternative to traditional appendix carry is the G2 holster. The G2 offers a below the waistband approach for increased concealment and comfort, especially in the appendix position.

Because the holster is positioned below the belt line, bending at the waist becomes easier because the gun isn’t jabbing you in the side. The draw is simple and smooth – one pull, then draw the firearm. The motion is the same as clearing your garment and drawing the firearm from the regular appendix carry position.

The G2 is made with saddle grade leather, and the heavy-duty belt clip allows it to be worn without a belt. We’ve had people tell us they carry their G2 with a bathing suit, and it was comfortable and concealed all day. The G2 can be a great way to comfortably carry in the appendix position.

See the Urban Carry G2.

Sport Belt

Finally, there’s another viable option to carry in the appendix position: the Sport Belt. The Sport Belt is a "belly band" style holster, and offers concealment on the waistline or slightly above it, creating one of the most comfortable carry methods possible.

The firearm is still located in the appendix area, and it may be easier to draw from a Sport Belt while seated than just about any other holster. The Sport Belt also gives you the option to carry multiple magazines, or extra essential items like a cell phone or cash, thanks to its multiple pockets.

Even if you don’t plan on carrying appendix or using something like the Sport Belt full time, you should consider getting one for carrying while exercising. The Sport Belt wicks moisture away from you and the firearm, and is one of the few ways to comfortably carry while running, hiking or exercising.

Check out the Sport Belt.


Being a bigger person doesn’t mean you can’t appendix carry. You may need to buy pants that are a size larger than your normal waist size, especially if the waist is tight.

Most people that we talk to find that one of the three methods above works for them, but know that if you’ve never carried appendix before, it does take time to get used to it.

People tend to either love or hate appendix carry, but it’s something you’ll have to try out for yourself to find out if it’s for you.