FAQs for Urban Carry


What is the easiest way to put the Urban Carry holster on?

Will the Urban Carry keep my firearm from printing?

Is the Urban Carry only for skinny People?

Do I have to wear baggy pants?

I wear my pants high up, is that okay?

Can I draw One Handed?

Can I draw while sitting?

Will the Urban Carry work Left Handed?

My gun is protuding out at the bottom.

My gun is pushing into my stomach.

Can I get the holster without the Logo on the front?

I have trouble drawing, what can I do?

How do I care for my holster?

How wide are the belt loops?

How wide is the Urban Carry belt?

I didn't receive a confirmation of my order. 

What does a gently used holster mean?

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What is the easiest way to put the Urban Carry holster on?


The Urban Carry is designed to be quick and easy to wear in conjunction with a belt and your firearm is virtually undectable in most commonly worn pants and shorts.  Here is a brief video demonstrating the easiest way to wear the Urban Carry in the typical 1 O'clock position.


Urban Carry Holsters - First Time Use



Will the Urban Carry keep my firearm from printing?


The short and sweet answer is yes. Printing is when the outline of your firearm is clearly visible identifying that you are definitely carrying a gun. With the Urban Carry, your firearm is completely enveloped in 4mm thick, 100% genuine, saddle-grade leather. In the same way that your phone or keys rest in your front pocket while sitting or standing, the Urban Carry holster provides a pocket behind your pocket that comfortably holds your firearm at your fingertips. Whether you are wearing jeans, lightweight suit pants or shorts our gun holster can be worn without the risk of printing or flashing, even with a tucked-in shirt. The unique design of the Urban Carry holster puts your firearm in a location where the bump or bulge created by your firearm will appear as an item in your pocket. This bump is not printing and no holster has the ability to make a firearm, particularly a larger compact or full size firearm, disappear into thin air but the Urban Carry holster is the only holster that completely conceals and disguises your firearm so that you never have to fear you are printing.


Is the Urban Carry ONLY for skinny people?


No. Your body type does not make any difference in comfort or in your ability to draw. A little extra love around the waist should not be a problem. We have many customers who have perfected the use of the Urban Carry at every weight, either by utilizing "the nudge" technique (demonstrated at about 1:30 in the video below), “The One-Handed Draw” technique or by simply by changing carry positions from the typical 1 o’clock position. What can be a problem, however, is form fitting or “skinny” jeans. If your pants are very fitted, it will make it difficult to draw and will also constrict the holster. A constricted holster forces the firearm up out of the bottom of the holster and closer to your belt line potentially causing it to jam into your stomach or side. One size larger or baggy cloths are not needed, comfortably fitting shorts, jeans or pants are perfectly fine. Just not tight pants.


Urban Carry Holsters - The Official Urban Carry Total Concealment Holster



Do I have to wear baggy pants?


Baggy pants usually work well with any IWB but are not required for the Urban Carry. Comfortable, commonly worn pants or shorts are preferred. Tight, form fitting or “skinny” jeans will generally be a problem for any IWB and the Urban Carry is NOT an exception there. Fitted or “skinny” jeans will constrict the holster and the firearm inside affecting ease of draw, comfort and concealablility. For these reasons, we DO NOT recommend tightly fitting pants while wearing the Urban Carry. Snug fitting pants are not recommended but will generally work if you go up one holster size and avoid full size guns. By going up one holster size, you create a little extra room for the firearm, compensating for your snug fitting pants pushing it up and out of the bottom of the holster.


Please refer to our sizing guide for the most accurate recommendation based on the type of firearm you wish to holster in the Urban Carry. If there is nothing in the optional column go with that suggested size, if there is a smaller size in the optional column go with the suggested size. However, if there is a larger size listed in the optional column, go with the optional larger size. Since it is hanging lower than normal you may need to nudge the belt a little to draw as shown in the overview video, it is a very simple move but does require a few minutes of practice.


I wear my pants nearly up to my belly button, is that a problem?


Ideally, the Urban Carry holster should bend naturally with the body allowing the firearm’s grip to fall just under the bend. It is not a big problem if you wear your pants higher, but you will often need to go up one or two sizes in your holster. If your pants are three or four inches above your body's waistline, it will put the firearm on or above the bending point on your body. You'll find discomfort when wearing it whenever you sit or move around as the firearm may dig into your stomach or leg. By going up a size or two, we are trying to get the firearm as close to the natural bend as possible by dropping it slightly lower, while still leaving enough of the handle accessible during retrieval for a quick draw. We understand that every person is different and factors like the fit of your pants, body type, etc play into the holster sizing equation, but you can buy with confidence knowing we have a comprehensive exchange policy in place. We welcome the opportunity to help you get the proper fit on the first try though so please contact us if you have any questions.


Can I draw one handed?


Yes, there are a few different ways to draw the Urban Carry. You can pop it up with one hand and draw like the video below or if you are in a confrontational situation where needed you can simply reach down and grab the gun as it rests just below the waistline.


Urban Carry Holster - One Hand Draw



Can I draw while sitting?


Yes. However, it was not designed around drawing while sitting. It's about the same speed as pulling your phone out of your pocket while you’re sitting. Since the holster is designed to rest below the waistline in order to keep it comfortable that also means it is below the bend of your body. If you are at a normal 90 degree angle while sitting, it's a good idea to slide your hips forward and arch your back a little while pulling up on the magnetic flap. That helps straighten your body out enough to quickly draw the firearm through the waistline. Most cars are okay for drawing unless they have bucket seats. Bucket seats can put your body in more of a 70 degree angle which makes it rather difficult to pull the firearm through that bend. With practice however drawing from a normal seated position can be done very quickly. We will post more videos soon some of which are dedicated to showing tips and tricks for this draw.


Will the Urban Carry work Left Handed?


Yes. Because the Urban can be worn at any position along the beltline, it can be drawn from with either the right or left hand. We made the design to work with a cross draw, strong draw, left or right handed. No matter what size you choose, any of the Urban Carry holsters will work left or right handed.


My Urban Carry is protruding out at the bottom.


This is usually from one of three reasons:


1. The leather needs to be broken-in. This can only happen over a period of time, kind of like a pair of leather shoes that slowly stretch and form comfortably to your feet. Massaging the leather and/or using any quality leather conditioner can help to speed up the process. Once the leather of the holster relaxes the gun will fit better and rest lower inside the pants. This will keep the firearm parallel to the leg and away from the belt line.


2. The pants worn with the holster are too tight. If your pants are very fitted, it will make it difficult to draw and will also constrict the holster. A constricted holster forces the firearm up out of the bottom of the holster and closer to your belt line potentially causing it to jam into your stomach or side. One size larger or baggy cloths are not needed, comfortably fitting shorts, jeans or pants are perfectly fine. Just not tight pants.


3. The holster size is too small. If the leather has been fully broken-in and the pants are worn comfortably then the most likely culprit is that the handle of your firearm is too near your beltline. When this happens the firearm behaves like a see-saw. Your belt is pushing one end down into your body while the other end is forced outward and away from your body, creating that “happy” look. The easiest solution is to simply send in your holster for the next size up, but please be aware, it does take a few days to soften up the leather and rule this out.


The stock of my firearm is sticking under my belt and into my stomach sometimes.


This is usually from one of the three reasons above titled "My Urban Carry is protruding out at the bottom"


Can I get an Urban Carry holster without the logo on the front?


Yes, all of the Urban Carry holsters have been revised, moving the logo from the exposed flap down to the portion of the holster worn inside your pants. The images on the website have been updated to reflect the latest logo placement. You may still see holsters in older photos and videos with the outside logo but rest assured, any holster you order from us will be totally concealed so the only person who will know you are carrying an Urban Carry holster is you.


I have trouble drawing the firearm, what can I do?


A good rule of thumb: if you cannot shove the holstered gun down your pants then you will naturally have difficulties pulling the gun back up. With the Urban Carry, since the firearm is meant to hang just below the belt line in order to be comfortable throughout the day, sometimes the handle of the firearm will snag on the draw. If you are wearing a good stiff gun belt that will usually prevent this from happening as the belt will act as a solid foundation to anchor the Urban Carry during retrieval. A cloth or thin, worn out leather belt will not provide this necessary foundation.


Another issue is wearing your belt too tightly and not giving your firearm the space it needs to slide out. Most firearms range from 0.75" - 1.25" in width so that is about the size of the gap you will need between your belt and waist to retrieve your firearm. While this is how most commonly wear their pants, we understand not all of us have the round backside we'd prefer and our pants may simply be overcome by gravity without a snug belt. The best thing to do if you wear a snug belt is the little trick in the Overview Video on the site right at about 1 minute and 30 seconds. That's where your drawing hand will nudge at the belt, or better yet on the holster directly under the flap to open some space for the gun. It only takes about 1 second to do the move and draw the firearm. That nudge usually makes all the difference in the world if it’s getting stuck. Certainly don’t just keep pulling without nudging, it should come out smoothly and gently. For example with the nudge, if you're right handed, with your left hand lift the magnetic flap. Then your right hand nudges the top portion of the holster on the belt out so it opens up the holster. Then with your left hand pull up on the magnetic flap pulling up the firearm with it as your right hand sweeps and grabs the gun. After about 10-20 minutes of practice it's a very fluid 1, 2, 3 motion. It is also important to make sure you are standing up straight, even leaning back ever so slightly, pulling the holster up against your body and not out and away from your body.


If your pants or belt are worn really tight, any kind of IWB may not be the best option and you'll possibly have to either wear looser pants or go with an external holster. As much as we want it to work for everyone we know that won't be the case.



How do I care for my leather Urban Carry Holster?


The best way to maintain the beauty of your leather is through good care. You can compare the care of leather goods to the care of your own skin.  It must be kept clean, soft and moisturized.  We suggest the following best practices to extend the life of your Urban Carry leather product:  Leather items should be wiped off with a damp sponge after use to remove sweat and dirt build-up. Holsters that come in contact with body perspiration on a regular basis should be wiped down with a lightly dampened sponge or soft cloth after use to slow the natural breakdown of the fibers. Depending on how often you use your product, you should, on a regular basis, clean and condition the leather to maintain a desirable level of moisture.  Please visit our care and maintenance page on our resource tab for more detailed information on what steps to take to get the maximum service life from your Urban Carry leather products. 


How wide are the belt loops on the Urban Carry?


The belt loops are 1 1/2" wide. However the leather will soften up after a few days of use and will commonly accommodate up to a 1 3/4" belt.


How wide are the Urban Carry Gun belts?


The Urban Carry gun belts are 1 1/2" wide and 1/4" thick. They are single, solid piece of fine English Bridle leather so they will not split The stitching is decorative and as there is no glue, plastic, or cardboard hidden inside. We chose this thickness and width as it will hold up to a heavy gun but will also fit through any of our Urban Carry holsters as well as the belt loops of an overwhelming majority of pants, slacks, jeans and shorts.


Order Confirmations


Please make sure you enter your email address very carefully during the check-out process. Once you place your order, you will automatically receive an order confirmation, which will serve as your receipt of purchase. This confirmation contains your order number should you have any questions when calling or emailing as well as your order summary, transaction details and selected shipping method. If you didn't receive your order confirmation and your order was successfully placed online, please check your spam or junk folder, occasionally auto generated confirmations end up there. If you cannot locate it, our customer service team can check to see if your order has been successfully placed in our queue, simply reach out by phone or email.


As your package is being prepared for shipment, a second confirmation showing that the label has been printed will be emailed to you. This email confirmation will provide your tracking information. It may take up to 24 hours before USPS or FedEx updates their tracking information so please check back with the tracking progress periodically.


What does a gently used holster mean?


Many of these holsters are gently used by previous owners (generally 1-5 days on average, often due to a sizing exchange) and have been inspected against damage and defects that could interfere with their functionality. Because they are natural, 100% saddle-grade leather, they can easily be cleaned with quality leather cleaner. These holsters may vary slightly in color or wear, may have minor flaws that do not pass our stringent inspection process and may include, but are not limited to, leather imperfections, incorrect pocket placement or skewed stitching.


You can also purchase with peace of mind knowing that these holsters carry the same return policy and manufacturers warranty as our new products. You can read Our Policies for detailed information.


These holsters are excluded from further coupons, discounts, or special offers because of the already low special pricing.  They are in limited supply and may from time to time appear in backorder status or be removed from the site until stock is replenished.