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The G2 Urban Carry is a uniquely designed holster to comfortably carry your concealed firearm with any outfit for nearly any situation.

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The G2 Urban Carry is a uniquely designed holster to comfortably carry your concealed firearm with any outfit for nearly any situation.

Proudly made in the United States of America the Urban Carry is made with 100% genuine saddle grade leather.


The G2 Urban Carry is a rapid deploying uniquely designed holster to comfortably carry your concealed firearm with nearly any outfit for any situation.


The G2 was born from the voices of the thousands of people who wear the original Urban Carry everyday.  Collaborating with the collective suggestions the G2 is an upgrade making an amazing holster even better.


Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to with the G2 Holster by Urban Carry:


  • A unique patented design which keeps your firearm BELOW your waistline.  This allows for natural movement of the body throughout the day without the pain of a firearm digging into your stomach or leg.
  • With the firearm holstered below the waistline there is no need “dress around your gun”.  Wearing normal fitting pants, shorts or slacks with your regular or even fitted shirts will not expose any part of the firearm.
  • Tuck in your shirt, or leave it untucked.  The firearm is completely concealed and draws the same either way.
  • A custom steel clip, tough enough to withstand the pull of any stressful situation, secures the holster with or without a belt.
  • The G2 has an improved holster design which guides your firearm directly to your hand for a smooth and rapid draw, every time.
  • Pre-conditioned leather eliminates the long break-in period and allows your firearm to seat perfectly in your holster much sooner.
  • A powerful magnet at the base of the holster keeps your firearm secure and steady during a rapid draw.
  • A laser compatible option with a wider base and built in ECR technology so your ECR enabled laser fits perfectly and automatically turns on when drawn and off when holstered. 


All of the G2 holsters are handcrafted in Tennessee, USA with 100% genuine Saddle Grade leather.


The G2 holster is not gun specific but it is size specific.  Ensure you have the right size holster for your firearm as if it is too large the firearm will sit too high creating an uncomfortable dig into your stomach.  If the firearm is too small for the holster it will be difficult to draw.  The following five holsters will cover a range of about 1,000 different handguns.

Yes, revolvers work great with the Urban Carry.  Very comfortable and plenty of grip when you draw.
Yes, so long as they are a compatible size.  For example most 3” semi-autos are compatible with most 2” revolvers.  Check the Size Chart to verify any specific models.
The main differences in the upgrade from G1 to G2 are a quicker draw, a belt clip for ease of use, and a powerful magnet on the base for firearm retention.
The overall holsters are identical, the material is different.  Both are made with a saddle grade leather, the G2e however is an English Bridle saddle grade.  English Bridle is the top of the line type of leather, it has a okie polished and refined finished and is an identical match to our heavy-duty belts.  Note that the G2 will usually take 1-3 days of daily use to really soften up.  The G2e will take about a week before it starts to soften up, we recommend Bick4 to speed up the process.  However after a month the G2e will be noticeably more supple than the standard G2.  Compare the G1 vs G2 vs G2e Holsters 
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Yes, they work for left and right handed people and will work on your left or right side.
The G2 is soft right out of the box and broken-in about 95% of the way.  It will take 1-3 days for the G2 to break in and about a week for the G2e.  In either case they are comfortable within the first couple days and fully broken in within 1-3 weeks.
Yes, the Urban Carry can be holstered anywhere you like, however behind the hips towards or near your back will be difficult to draw.  Anywhere from the hips forward usually works great.  Despite the majority of users being used to having their holster on the hip the overwhelming majority eventually carry the UrbanCarry in either the 11:00 or 1:00 appendix position behind the pocket as that is typically the most comfortable and best position.
Yes, however we recommend the strong side draw appendix carry.  After extensive testing we have found this to be the most ideal position as it is the most comfortable, easiest to draw and easiest to conceal.
The only difference between the two versions is a little flare on the bottom sides.  This allows extra room for a laser attachment on the firearm when it is holstered.  If you have a laser or are planning on getting one for that firearm in the future it is best to get the laser version.  If you have no intentions of acquiring a laser for that firearm then we recommend the non-laser version as it will reduce the material you have to carry every day.
We wrote an article here for some tips and advice if you’re new to conceal carry.  In regards specifically to the holster it is important to know that while the Urban Carry is very comfortable when compared to many other holsters any addition, such as a gun, to your attire is going to be noticeable.  We suggest giving the Urban Carry or any holster a few days to get used to especially if you are new to conceal carry.
No, wear cloths that are comfortable to you.  We only recommend that you wear the correct size cloths.  If you are a 36” waist wear 36” pants.  Wearing 38” pants will still work without issue but 34” pants will not work.
Yes, even the longest and largest Urban Carry, the Colonel size, is only about as long as the inside of your pocket.  Most standard mens shorts will not expose the holster and will be comfortable to wear as long as you are wearing the correct size for your body.  Very tight or very short shorts may be an issue as that could expose the bottom of the holster or be uncomfortable to wear.  Standard comfortable shorts will not be an issue though.
Yes, we recommend having the Urban Carry holstered right behind the pocket, especially in dress cloths.  Slacks are generally a thinner material so the holsters outline will show from time to time.  If it is holstered behind the pocket it will simply look like the pocket lining or something inside your pocket.
Yes, sweat pants, scrubs or gym shorts work with the Urban Carry.  Be sure to holster it behind the pocket area to prevent printing.  Also during your draw it is good practice to hold the clip down during the draw as there is little support for an anchor.   For example, if you’re right handed you’ll pull the flap with your left hand; the entire rig will begin to lift as sweat pants, scrubs and gym shorts aren’t anchored down like jeans or regular pants.  So with your right hand slightly push down on the clip and the unit will open up much smoother.  This puts your hands in a perfect drawing position as you continue to pull up on the flap.
If you rub your credit card on the magnet, or bring it extremely close to it then yes, it will certainly damage the credit card.  However, normal every day use will not be a problem.  Even if you holster behind the same pocket where you keep your wallet it is not an issue.  There are many layers between the magnet and your credit card (leather, gun, more leather, pocket, wallet…) to not cause any concern.  
Yes.  So long as you are wearing the correct size pants.  If you have a 42” waist where 42” pants are comfortable then that is fine.  If you have 44” pants they’ll work too but are not required.  The problem is squeezing into the 40” pants.  We all do it, but this holster won’t work so well if you’re pants are too tight.
No, but each size fits many.  We have five different sizes and those five sizes cover over 1000 guns.  Many are compatible and a lot of people find that one or two holsters will cover a number of guns that they would choose to carry. 
We named the sizes of the holsters after police rankings.  The Cadet will be most of your pocket pistols, Trooper will be most of your small .380s, Lieutenant is the popular size fitting most sub-compacts, the Captain will cover most compacts and the Colonel will fit most of the full size handguns.
No, we don’t recommend that as it will be difficult to draw the firearm.  The guide meant to funnel the gun up will end up locking it in place if the gun is resting below it.
No.  Technically you can but we don’t recommend it as the gun will sit too high, the flap may not close and it will be uncomfortable when you move around and especially when you sit.
Yes, with the correct size holster the entire rig will rest on or below the bend-point of your body.  As you sit the holster moves parallel to your body and the firearm rest on your leg just below your waist.
Yes, the guide in the G2 helps considerably with this.  It is not as smooth as if you are standing but in most cases it is easier and much faster than getting your phone out of your pocket.
Yes.  The two handed draw takes seconds to achieve the first time, the one handed draw takes minutes.  We recommend spending some time practicing both with an unloaded weapon when you first receive the holster.
No but it is strongly recommended.  A solid gun belt will keep the holster pressed firmly up to your body and will give good support when drawing the weapon.  In short, it is more comfortable and is easier to draw.
No but if you want to make sure it last a long time we recommend treating it from time to time with leather conditioner.  If you use some conditioner before first use it helps break in the leather even faster making it softer for the first use.  If you use any conditioner on it 1-3 times a year it will keep it healthy and fresh.  If you sweat extensively then we recommend using some leather conditioner more frequently to keep the salts from your sweat off the leather.

G2 Specifications:


  •  Cadet (Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard, Kimber Micro & similar…)
    •  Overall Flat Size: 11.75” x 5” x 0.25"
    •  Size Folded Worn: 8.5” x 5” x 1"
    •  Weight: Apx. 7.6oz
    •  Material: Saddle Grade Leather


  •  Trooper (Glock 42, Sig P238, Ruger LC9 & similar…)
    •  Overall Flat Size: 12.75” x 5.25” x 0.25"
    •  Size Folded Worn: 9” x 5.25” x 1"
    •  Weight: Apx. 7.9oz
    •  Material: Saddle Grade Leather


  •  Lieutenant (Springfield XDs 3.3, Shield 9/.40, Glock 43, Glock 26, J-Frame Revolver & similar…)
    •  Overall Flat Size: 13” x 5.75” x 0.25"
    •  Size Folded Worn: 9.5” x 5.75” x 1"
    •  Weight: Apx. 8.1oz
    •  Material: Saddle Grade Leather


  •  Captain (Glock 19, Springfield XDm 4”, Shield .45, Commander 1911 & similar…)
    •  Overall Flat Size: 14.25” x 6” x 0.25"
    •  Size Folded Worn: 10.25” x 6” x 1"
    •  Weight: Apx. 8.5"
    •  Material: Saddle Grade Leather


  •  Colonel (Glock 21, Full size semi-automatic firearms with 5” barrel & similar…)
    •  Overall Flat Size: 15” x 6.5” x 0.25"
    •  Size Folded Worn: 11.5” x 6.5” x 1"
    •  Weight: Apx. 9.6"
    •  Material: Saddle Grade Leather
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